Artist Statement

I like to use geometric shapes, architectural elements and hollow construction forms to interpret nature. In result, the work is separated into two directions. One is toward plants, flowers, gardens and the other is rocks, minerals and landscapes. The wire structures and hollow construction forms require countless soldering process, creating strength and durability in what appears to be a fragile and delicate art jewelry piece. I try to create images in my work that will tell stories and express emotions. The materials that I used are mostly 18k gold, sterling silver and precious stones. The techniques include fabrication, forming, fusing, soldering and stone setting.



“In the mood for love” – Brooch


Every time I see her, I have the butterfly in my stomach. It seems that I have developed a special feeling for her, but I am not sure if she feels the same. What I can do is to find a tree with a hole and tell the secret of love to the tree, just like the old tale. Hopefully, the tree will keep the secret, or tell her the secret.