Poetry in Metal – Trunk Show at Ayesha Studio + Gallery

April 25th, 2018

When I arrived at the age that I could talk, my parents would read me the poems from the Tang dynasty (China 618-907) and teach me to memorize them. The poems are usually in a 4-sentence or an 8-sentence format. Each sentence contains either 5 or 7 Chinese characters. They rhyme and they are good exercises for developing memorization skills. As I grew older and developed a better knowledge of words, I also developed a stronger sense about the symbolic meanings in those poems. They are mainly expressions designed to capture a moment of time. With a total of only 4 sentences, it succeeds in capturing the scenery inside a story. One famous poem by Li Bai, “Seeing Meng Haoran off from Yellow crane Tower”, goes like this,

At Yellow Crane Tower in the west, my old friend says farewell;
In the mist and flowers of spring, he goes down to Yangzhou;
Lonely sail, distant shadow, vanish in blue emptiness;
All I see is the great river flowing into the far horizon.

With these 4 sentences, the poem paints a picture depicting the elements of the event, the place, the time of the year, the scenery of the landscape, and the emotion. It is interesting to observe how the poet carefully arranges these elements. The profound sense of sadness might otherwise not be communicated if he had arranged the elements in the order of time, landscape, place and the event. The landscape at the end really leaves us with a sense of loneliness and bereavement after his friend’s departure. Similarly, I carefully consider the arrangement of the elements in my own work in order to evoke the specific emotions I want someone to feel from a piece of my jewelry. For example, should I put the stone in the center of the picture to create a stabled balance? Would it communicate better if I put the stone in the upper portion of the piece to create a sense of suspension? Or, would it be better yet to put the stone at the lower bottom to emphasize the gravity and the weight of the stone. I like to see my jewelry/work as expressions of art and capable of communicating on the level of a poem.


2016 NICHE Awards

March 31st, 2016

It is an honor that the “A Precious Within” earring is the winner of the 2016 NICHE Awards in the category Jewelry:Gold.

There is a precious gem in every rock.

Fabricated 18k yellow gold rock structure and pink Tourmaline.

2013 NICHE Awards

March 3rd, 2013

I am very excited to announce that “The Secret Garden – Necklace” has received the 2013 NICHE Award in the Jewelry, Gold with Stone category.

The NICHE Awards program recognizes the creative achievements of professional and student artists based in the U.S. and Canada. From close to 1,000 entries, the judges selected 40 artworks made by the professionals and 18 by students to receive top honors.

The Secret Garden – Necklace

The geometric shapes with the rough surfaced black Tourmaline create a stone pathway in the secret garden. The diamonds are the treasures that can be found along the journey.

Secret Garden #1, 18k yellow gold, black tourmaline, diamonds

18k yellow gold, black Tourmaline, diamonds

7.25 x 6.5 x 0.5 inch


MJSA Vision Awards

March 24th, 2012

I am thrilled to announce that “The garden” Brooch/pendant has received the 2012 MJSA Vision awards 2nd place in the Gold Distinction.

“The Garden” Brooch/Pendant. Comprising 18k gold, brown and white diamonds, pearls, and steel, this brooch/pendant is like a secret garden with its own rhythm in mind. It features a group of scattered elements—pods, pearls, concave discs with cut-outs—that are linked together by linear elements. The pod elements are loosely attached, creating sounds when worn.

A New Adventure

January 30th, 2008

I am always interested in reading comic books and watching movies. The similarity of them is that they both consist of frames. Each frame can be seen as a fragment of the movie. By connecting all the fragments together, the story has unfolded. I always have a picture in my mind after seeing a movie. I remember the silhouettes of children riding bicycles across the sky with ET in the basket. I also remember “Don” Vito Corleone sitting in a chair with a cat in his hand and listening to people’s requests in God Father. These pictures in my mind provide me memories of the stories and the movie going experiences.

I am also drawn to the daily objects that have been used by people. Usage presents the history of the object as well as the trademark of the people who used it. I have always liked a teapot that belongs to my father. It has a lotus root shape body with a vine like handle and pourer. There are a couple of lotus seeds on the lid that make jingling sounds while pouring the tea. Every time I see this teapot it reminds me of the life style and culture I am living in. With this teapot also come memories of teatime with my family. By connecting all the experiences, I have my own story with the teapot.

I think of my jewelry as fragments, carrying stories by using metaphor in my design, expressing the desire, wit or sensuality. I also see it as small sculptures, documenting the time and the emotion in which I live. Each piece, in a technical way, is an exploration of line and pattern; creating structure, form and motion. It also presents the imagination of the mind as well as the story and history of the making process. The work is not meant to isolate specific meanings, rather suggest a moment of thought where stillness, beauty and illumination can peacefully coexist. I believe that, while Art allows artists to understand themselves better, it also improves communication between human beings and can express a concern and love for society.